04/07/2017 - News

The ARGONAUTS robot already back to Lacq!

There's no rest for the ARGONAUTS. Less than two months after winning the ARGOS Challenge, the robot was back on the Lacq platform for a gas detection test campaign from June 12 to 23.

Run by the R&D department at Total Exploration & Production, the test campaign (the second of a series of three) aims to improve gas leak detection on the Group's operating sites.

Through this project, Total is pursuing two core objectives that are important to the Group: stepping up safety for teams and installations and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (CH4, CO2).

The R&D team is using the very latest, highly-promising remote sensing and gas quantification technologies to achieve these objectives. The ARGONAUTS robot was part of the adventure for a day, and proved its worth by detecting and quantifying the gas leak.

"We're very happy to participate in the test campaign," said Lukas from the ARGONAUTS team. "It's the first time we've tested our gas detection system using methane, a potentially explosive gas! "

"It wasn't possible to run these kinds of tests as part of the competitions for the ARGOS Challenge," explains Kris Kydd, Head of the ARGOS project at Total R&D, "as the four other robots in the running were not ATEX certified. The fact that the ARGONAUTS robot already is, saves us a lot of time and means that we can already start planning an on-site pilot in the future. "

Mission accomplished then for the ARGONAUTS robot, and we'll be seeing it again soon in a few months' time for new tests in real conditions.


    The robot ARGONAUTS during the gas detection tests


    ARGONAUTS and Total team members discussing after the gas detection tests

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